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Based out of Huntsville, Ontario, MBRP has been in the business of designing and manufacturing performance exhaust systems for over 15 years. Made using high-quality stainless steel, very few can come close to an MBRP exhaust system’s efficiency in improving your car, truck, or Jeep’s power and sound. With a team of the best engineers the industry has to offer, MBRP is constantly at the forefront of innovation. MBRP Canada offers a wide range of exhaust systems and exhaust products, ensuring that you will always find what you are looking for whether you drive a car, truck, Jeep, UTV/SXS, or even a snow scooter. Never settling for just “good enough”, what customers can expect from the MBRP brand is an engineering principle that stands for, prioritizes, and doesn’t hold back on superior product quality, elevated power levels, and excellent service. From their Black Series Cat-Back Exhaust System to the Pro Series Axle-Back Exhaust System, TDot Performance is proud to carry all MBRP exhaust systems at the lowest prices in Canada. Our customers pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees when they purchase their MBRP race, trail, snow, or UTV/SXS exhausts from us.


The MBRP garage includes complete MBRP exhaust systems, MBRP downpipes, MBRP mufflers, exhaust pipes, and many more. These innovations aim to make your ride perform, sound and look better. All MBRP products are made with aluminized T-409 or T-304 stainless steel. This ensures that MBRP products are as durable and long-lasting as they are aesthetically pleasing. MBRP products also come with industry leading warranty and support. Every MBRP exhaust comes with clearly written instructions and can be assembled in under 45 minutes. Still having trouble? MBRP's knowledgeable technical support team is always standing by to help you with your installation.

At TDot Performance, we aim to produce a precise solution for your performance needs through an extensive collection of MBRP exhaust systems which include their ever-popular MBRP DPF-Back and MBRP Cat-Back Exhaust System. MBRP exhaust systems are renowned for the following features:

  • Low bend degree angles and smooth mandrel designs result in optimal vehicle operating temperatures
  • MBRP's rigorous product testing ensures that every component will fit as advertised
  • Each kit is designed to fit as many configurations of the same vehicle as possible
  • Easy, bolt-on designs, ensure that MBRP products are as easy to install as possible
  • Mounting hardware provided for a hassle-free installation
  • The best sound, durability and performance on the market


  • Pro Series: Made from T-304 steel and the highest chromium content possible, this is MBRP's finest exhaust system
  • Black Series: Made from heat coated aluminized steel, this is MBRP's sleekest looking exhaust system
  • XP Series: Made from T-409 steel, this is one of MBRP's most rugged and durable exhausts
  • Installer Series: This is MBRP's lowest cost exhaust system, but don't be fooled by the price, this product shares the same impeccable quality as its cousins
  • Performance Series: This is MBRP's budget performance line, producing the same performance and sound you'd expect from the Pro Series, but at a more palatable price


Looking to improve your car, truck, or Jeep’s sound through an MBRP cat-back exhaust system? You’ve come to the right place. TDot Performance is an authorized Canadian retailer of all MBRP products. Whether you’re utilizing your vehicle for off-road, snow, or UTV/SXS applications, we guarantee that no other authorized dealer comes close to our complete selection. We have their comprehensive series of axle-back, turbo-back, downpipe back, and cat-back exhaust systems ready to be shipped to your location. We also carry an outstandingly large number of MBRP exhaust tips, downpipes, mufflers, and many other essential exhaust parts.

TDot Performance guarantees the best deals for an MBRP cat-back exhaust system along with all of their latest innovations. Regardless of the mfg part number, you will always receive the complete manufacturer's warranty when you buy your MBRP exhaust systems and components from us. Because we are a Canadian-owned and operated business, our customers enjoy free shipping on all orders and pay no customs, duties, or border fees. You won’t find a better deal for MBRP exhaust systems and parts anywhere else. Remember to always give us a call when you are having trouble finding a particular product on our website. Even if a part or its respective mfg part number is not listed on the site, we likely carry it in our warehouse.