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Since 1966, McGard has set out to manufacture the best standard of chrome-plated lug nuts and wheel locks, and the widest range of security products. The company has provided products for some of the leading automotive manufacturers in the world, while also providing solutions for military bodies, governments and companies operating in the fuel industry. When it comes to an assurance of quality, the McGard name speaks for itself.

Stay safe on the road

You may not be entirely sure how a lug nut works, but it is a vital component in keeping you safe when driving. This is not a product that you want to compromise on, so make sure that you have the best standard of lug nut keeping your wheels in place. McGard has created reliable, robust and dependable lug nuts for decades and they remain a number one choice for motorists across the world.

Choose the long-term option

McGard lug nuts are built to be used and the company's products stand up well, even after years of use. There have been numerous comparison tests, so if you are looking for a lug nut that looks great but more importantly, performs like new even after years of service, this is definitely the solution you are looking for.

Get the right tools for the job

Having the right tools makes life easier and the McGard range of tools will help you to make changes and keep your vehicle in fantastic condition. For peace of mind, invest in the best equipment and reap the rewards for many years to come.

Choose the smart option

If you would like to know more about the McGard product range, you can always rely on TDot Performance. You can get in touch online, by phone or by email, so when you need peace of mind and great quality, call on us.