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The racing wheels provided by Motegi are known for their high-quality finish and technical designs. The company has worked closely with a number of leading race teams, which means that these wheels have been developed on the track and bring you the best quality on the road.

Motegi have worked with massive names to bring you great wheels

Motegi have worked closely with teams involved with IndyCar, Formula Drift, RallyCross and Road Race. This diversity ensures that Motegi rims are exposed to a wide range of conditions and have to meet a wide and varied list of demands. Anyone looking for a wheel of the highest calibre and standard should have no concerns about calling on Motegi for wheels.

Upgrade the look of your car for less

One of the strongest reasons to choose Motegi wheels is that they make your car look extremely expensive, without you having to spend a lot of money on your wheels. It is often difficult to find a set of wheels that enhance your car in such a spectacular manner but these wheels immediately grab attention with their high-quality look and finish. With a selection of colours and wheel sizes to choose from, there should be something for every taste and fashion.

Be at the cutting edge of technology

The research and development team at Motegi is one of the best in the business. This means you can be confident that your wheels are of the highest standard and meet the highest specifications.

Improve your vehicle with one easy step

The high standard of Motegi racing wheels on offer from Motegi should be more than suitable for the vast majority of drivers wanting power, pace and top performance when they drive. Be sure to contact TDot Performance when nothing but the very best wheels will do.