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Pavement Ends

Pavement Ends benefits from the experience and market knowledge of Bestop, a company that has been providing Pavement Ends soft tops and truck accessories for more than 60 years. The Pavement Ends brand provides a high standard of product, but for a much more affordable price than the top of the line products. For this reason alone, this is a number one brand with many motorists.

Value for money covers are of interest

Value for money should always be of interest to buyers and the fact that so many of the leading brands are compatible with the soft tops and covers provided by Pavement Ends should be a good selling point. Anyone looking for the top of the line hardware and fabrics associated with Bestop may find that Pavement Ends is not for them, but drivers looking for full-on functionality will appreciate what is provided here.

Cover up quickly

Being able to cover up quickly from the rain or sun is an important feature for many drivers. The majority of Pavement Ends products can be installed in very little time. With adaptable straps, elastic straps and belt rail fasteners, there is flexibility to this product range that ensures you can cover up when you most need to.

Add cover when you need it most

With cab curtains, frameless solutions, Pavement Ends offroad bumpers and a range of specialist fittings, there is no end to the ways you can add a touch of cover and protection to your vehicle, with a minimum of fuss and effort.

Save money while protecting your vehicle and yourself

To benefit from the best standard of Pavement Ends products, make sure you call on TDot Performance. We are always on hand with the finest product range, so email us or get in touch online to find the ideal cover for your needs.


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Pavement Ends