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The RS5000 is the flagship line of Rancho shock absorbers. This shock absorber is known for its strength and durability, tuning versatility, quality performance in any environment, and its effectiveness at protecting the shock rod and oil seal. The higher end RS7000MT and RS9000XL lines were designed around the RS5000 base model and thus provide much of the same functionality, but with some added benefits. These shocks offer a premium, long-lasting finish, improved damping response time, optimized shock performance, and multiple levels of shock performance (only offered by the RS9000XL series, which has 9 performance levels).


In addition to manufacturing shock absorbers, Rancho is also renowned for its leveling products. The famous Rancho QuickLift leveling kit removes factory rake, creates a custom look by increasing ground clearance, allows you to easily adjust ride quality and performance (up to 9 performance levels are available), allows you to install a larger wheel or tire (fits up to 35 inch tires), comes per-assembled for ease of installation, and offers a premium, long lasting finish. The Rancho LEVEL IT torsion keys, on the other hand, provide maximum structural integrity, allow you to maintain a factory OEM ride, are easy to install (simple bolt-on design), and offer better control than if using extended shock brackets.


TDot Performance is an authorized dealer of all Rancho suspension products in Canada. This means that you are protected by the full manufacturer's warranty when you buy from us. Our customers also enjoy free shipping on all Rancho orders while paying no customs, duties, or border fees. Finally, when you buy from us, you are guaranteed the lowest price in Canada on your order!