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SCT Performance tuners optimize your vehicle's engine management computer (PCM) for maximum performance or fuel economy (depending on whether you purchased a Power Flash or Economizer programmer). Specifically, the SCT Power Flash programmer is designed to improve your vehicle's horsepower, torque, and throttle response.

Why should you buy an SCT Performance tuner?

Today's modern vehicles are controlled almost entirely by internal computers. This means that any modification to your vehicle (even a simple cold air intake or exhaust system modification) can affect your vehicle's factory drivability and performance. SCT Performance tuners are designed to solve this problem. Whenever you modify anything on your vehicle, you should always use a programmer to tune the vehicle afterwards. All SCT tuners are regularly updated ensuring that your product does not become outdated.

Custom tune vs. Pre-loaded tune

SCT's pre-loaded tunes are designed to be used with stock and lightly modified vehicles (such as those with SCT cold air intake modifications, exhaust system modifications, gear ratio changes, etc.). Custom tunes, on the other hand, are designed to optimize your vehicle's PCM following high horsepower modifications (such as the installation of a supercharger, turbo kit, nitrous oxide injection system, etc.).

SCT Performance in Canada

TDot Performance is an authorized SCT Performance dealer in Canada. This means that you are covered by the full manufacturer's warranty whenever you purchase from us. Our customers enjoy free shipping on all orders while paying no customs, duties, or border fees. Most importantly, we guarantee the lowest prices in Canada on all SCT Performance products.