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Timbren is a complete family-owned and operated manufacturer that specializes in suspension upgrades for trucks like the Tacoma, Ram, Sierra, F-Series trucks, and many other makes and models. Timbren also manufacturers and distributes a variety of suspension kits for trailers and campers, called axle-less suspensions. These independent suspensions are perfect for planning a weekend adventure with your camper. When you take into consideration the many uses of suspension upgrades for trailers and pickups, like improved front suspensions to support snowplow blades and upgraded rear truck suspensions to haul trailers and mount heavy salt spreaders, you start to see how Timbren SES is your go-to shop for all of your suspension needs.


Timbren was set up in 1965 with a clear goal of engineering suspension systems that worked better. The company aims to be a reliable asset to the modern driver by providing the best standard of suspension products at a fair price. This objective has been at the forefront of the company's efforts since then and has lead to a lot of success stories in the automotive industry. Through years of research and experience, Timbren has gained a deep understanding of the characteristics of rubber spring technology. It is with this knowledge and an endless drive to remain an industry leader that they continuously produce the most practical suspension upgrades for the time. Certifying a highly efficient suspension, each new design by Timbren is thoroughly reviewed and assessed at the General Motors Automotive Centre for Excellence at the University of Ontario.

Enjoy a better standard of support

As the name suggests, the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System is focused on ensuring your suspension performs at a higher standard. Vehicles that are utilized to haul heavy load or pull trailers will especially benefit from this innovative upgrade. Incorporating the Timbren SES ensures that the vehicle is level and the load is stabilized regardless of road and driving conditions. The integrated hollow rubber springs provide support for on and off-road vehicles, as well as vehicles used in the farming, logging and mining industries. Even emergency vehicles have turned to this solution, which should give you the confidence that this is a brand and product that can be relied on.

Make the most of your ride

The most important thing for many drivers is having a comfortable and enjoyable ride. This set of springs is one of the most effective ways to obtain peace of mind. One of the best things about this product range is that it is suitable for a wide range of suspension types, including air, torsion bar, coil spring and traditional leaf spring. From the Jeep Wrangler JK to the RAM 1500, Timbren has meticulously engineered their Suspension Enhancement Systems to be a precise solution to your particular year and model.

Rubber makes for a quiet journey

Integrating a high quality rubber material, the Timbren Bump Stops are fitted in between the truck chassis and the axle. A direct replacement to factory bump stops, they absorb road shocks and improve stability to prevent vehicle body sway. No matter what load you are hauling, this is a solution that offers a quiet and stable ride. With rubber being a light and quiet material, it is the perfect choice for the main outcomes associated with this type of product.

Suspension Upgrade Kits

Our suspension upgrade kits come with rubber helper springs designed to keep your truck from sagging or swaying and load even and steady at all times. They prevent roll and sway which can be very dangerous when driving because it's much easier to lose control of a truck. You can use the front suspension upgrades on your truck to improve its handling with a snowplow blade. If you add a suspension upgrade for that heavy salt spreader, there would be no stopping you this winter.

Independent Suspensions for Trailers

Our Axle-less trailer suspensions are designed to allow your wheels to move independently of each other, also known as an independent suspension. What benefits are there in having a trailer with independent suspension? The results seem endless but here’s a short list of uses:

  • Farm trailer moving over uneven terrain
  • Construction trailers on an unfinished site
  • Take camper off-road for more off-the-grid camping
  • Hunting trips – With this you can get trailer closer to your hunting grounds

Active Off-Road Bump Stops

Active Off-Road Bump Stops are designed to deflect the hard-hitting off-road bumps while dampening shock response when the suspension bottoms out. It can be jolting when your suspension is too spongy and you start hitting consistently larger rocks and bumps. Aeon rubber springs reduce stress on your body and your vehicle by providing a cushion from jarring dips, crevices, and rocks. This gives you the confidence to take your vehicle to go places you may have not gone before.

What does Timbren suspension do?

A leader in the truck and trailer industry, Timbren engineers a selection of premium-quality suspension upgrades which include full suspension systems, suspension enhancement systems, air suspension kits, bump stops, and springs. These suspension solutions allow your truck to appropriately adapt and overcome rigorous road conditions and uneven loading. Available in different configurations to precisely fit various makes and models, they promote better stability, improved handling, and comfortable ride quality with reduced sagging or swaying.

How Do Timbren Springs Work?

Timbren’s adaptable rubber springs are designed to automatically adjust to different road and loading conditions. These hollow rubber springs feature a progressive spring rate which means that they can be relied upon to push back harder when the load is increased. They also have a self-damping blueprint where they react to the load similar to a shock absorber, making them especially effective when utilized as a helper spring.

Which is better SumoSprings vs Timbrens?

SumoSprings and Timbren are two leading manufacturers of high-quality aftermarket suspensions. While both brands offer a superb replacement to the factory suspension that ensures stability and ample support, they are fundamentally different with one posted to excel more in various applications. Timbren’s Rubber Springs emphasize a robust, reliable, long-lasting, and versatile suspension upgrade that excels in heavy hauling applications such as class 8 trucks. Meanwhile, the micro-cellular urethane material integrated by SumoSprings offers a softer ride and weight balance that’s ideal for motorhomes that travel long distances.

Where are Timbren's Suspensions Made?

Founded in 1965, Timbren is a proudly Canadian-owned dealer with a main headquarter located in Whitby, Ontario. From the Dakota Air Trailer Suspension Kit to the Silent Ride Trailer System, their complete selection of suspension parts and accessories are meticulously designed, manufactured, and tested by the most knowledgeable engineers in Canada.

Family-Owned Suspension Upgrade Manufacturer

As a family-owned and operated business and site, Timbren gives you the satisfaction of knowing your new suspension parts are made by off-road enthusiasts, for off-road enthusiasts. Outfitting your suspension with parts made by industry specialists is the key to finding the correct, high-quality, and long-lasting suspension upgrades you need. Shop Timbren suspension parts and support a business, homegrown in your backyard.

Get the best level of support

Anyone needing support in getting their hands on the best range of Timbren products will find that TDot Performance is the company to call on. If you want to place an order, get in touch online or contact us to find out why these products are what your vehicle is calling out for.