TracRac was founded in 1995 in Fall River, Massachusetts. The company’s founder, a truck enthusiast and engineer, was frustrated by his inability to use his vehicle the way that he needed because of poor quality racks. His past shipbuilding experience inspired him to design an elegant and durable truck rack worthy of his pickup! And since then, his company has continued to design and manufacture the highest quality truck racks and accessories available on the market today!

Installing a TracRac system on your pickup will deliver the OEM quality you need coupled with the elegant style you want. The systems are aerodynamically designed to ensure a quiet ride, while their lightweight construction places no additional strain on your vehicle’s payload capacity and fuel economy.


Featured Products


Our TracRac range of Bed Accessories and Roof Racks is a premium line of utility equipment for rugged trucks, pickups and vans. Using this equipment, you can carry heavy, large or awkward loads safely and offload with ease. Designed in the US, the TracRac collection is manufactured using lightweight materials to decrease the load on any vehicle and help you get more mileage out of a tank.

To get the best fittings for your vehicle, take a look at our TracRac Truck Rack Accessories and TracRac TracVan Accessories. Use them to design the ideal customised arrangement for your truck, and then get ready to take on any future task.

What's available?

TracRac UtilityRac Truck Racks enable you to make the most of your truck; they have been carefully produced to hold piping, ladders and lumber securely while in transit. It's also just right for carrying kayaks and canoes and other equipment on camping trips: just use the cross bar tie downs to stop anything shifting while you're on the road.

TracRac CabRac G2 Headache Racks safeguard the driver and passengers when a heavy load is being carried on the back. There are three bars to protect the window, and it's simple to mount with no need for drilling into the truck bed.

TracRac Retro Kits are used to upgrade your existing sliding bed ladder to a more recent version where needed. Each kit contains everything that you'll need for a conversion, and is constructed using sturdy rustproof aluminum.

The TracRac Base Rail Sliding Truck Rack Systems enable you to replace parts of your existing set-up or transfer a TracRac TracVan Rack System over to a new vehicle. It's easy to install, and the robust powder coating means that it looks great.

When you need advice on a TracRac product, you can get in touch with us via email at [email protected], or call us toll-free on 1-800-276-7566.