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The Mazda B3000 is a highly reliable pick-up truck engineered to make transporting equipment and the toughest jobs easier and quicker. Established in the early 90s, the B3000’s design places emphasis on a rugged aesthetic and effortless drivability. Not only is this truck powerful but it also makes certain that drivers are comfortable during extensive trips. To maintain the driving quality of the hardworking Mazda B3000, the modern driver turns their attention to aftermarket automotive upgrades. When it comes to where to buy the newest Mazda B3000 Parts and Accessories, there’s not a more reliable seller in Canada than TDot Performance.

Improve this pickup’s stability on the most rigorous jobs and driving conditions by installing new suspension upgrades such as coilover kits, coil springs, air suspensions, and shocks & struts. For even better adaptation, install our performance tuners and programmers to suit your particular driving style. We have high-quality engine components, exhaust systems, and fuel systems to bring forth elevated engine performance for smoother and more comfortable driving quality. We also offer air intake systems and air filters for unrestricted airflow that produces consistently excellent engine performance. Other performance parts we carry include brake components, cooling systems, and ignition systems.

TDot Performance offers the latest exterior accessories which include roof racks, tonneau covers, running boards, grille protectors, and winches. We also have interior accessories like floor mats, custom gauges, and car seats. For better visibility and a safer drive at night, we have auxiliary lights, replacement bulbs, and many other lighting upgrades to illuminate your path. Other Mazda B3000 Parts and Accessories we carry include essential tire and wheel components along with fundamental garage accessories. We guarantee the best prices and a fast delivery system. As an authorized retailer of renowned brands like Flowmaster, AMP Research, and Edelbrock, we sell only authentic upgrades that are guaranteed to be brand new and fully sealed. If the original manufacturer provided a warranty for the parts you purchase then you can be certain that we will honor them.