The oil pump is tasked to bring oil from the oil pan and move it through the rotating bearings, the sliding pistons and the camshaft of your engine. This keeps fundamental engine components cool and prevents metal-to-metal contact which can cause potential damages. For a complete collection of the industry's best oil pumps along with fundamental engine components and performance parts, look no further than TDot Performance.


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Guarantee the proper lubrication and cooling of essential engine components by installing a new high-quality oil pump. This component efficiently moves oil from the oil pan and circulates it through the engine's oil galleries to reduce unnecessary metal-to-metal contact which may result in higher levels of friction and damages. The oil pump is either integrated into the crankcase and driven by a shaft in the distributor or at the front of the engine while being driven by the crankshaft. Most oil pumps feature a drive and driven gear that are interlocked inside a housing. A pressure relief valve reliably regulates engine oil pressure while the oil pan reserves the oil that is drawn out through a pickup tube that is either connected to the pump or the block. An integrated screen at the end of the tube reliably blocks off large particles which may cause potential damage. For reliable filtration, the pump output moves through the oil filter before be being allowed to circulate through the engine.

TDot Performance offers a huge selection of high-quality oil pumps and their essential components manufactured by premium brands like Moroso, Ford Racing, Crown Automotive, Edelbrock, Omix-ADA, ARP, and many others. As an authorized seller, you can rest assured that all our products are 100% authentic, fully-sealed, and backed by the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer. We guarantee you won't find a better deal or a lower rate anywhere else in Canada as your orders come free of any customs, duties, or brokerage fees. What you see on our website is the only amount that you need to pay. If you do manage to find another official retailer with better pricing than ours, do let us know and we'll be sure to give you a deal that topples theirs. Furthermore, TDot Performance guarantees a fast shipment system that will take only three to five working days to arrive at your doorsteps in Canada. For inquiries or assistance regarding oil pumps, please feel free to ask us for assistance by calling 1-800-276-7566, or sending an email at