Aftermarket shocks and struts are efficient solutions for significantly preventing excessive body roll, nose dive, and bottoming out. These shocks and struts dampen spring movement, giving you better driving control and a more comfortable experience. For a complete collection of suspension systems and other excellent performance parts, there's not a more reputable dealer in Canada than TDot Performance.


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Integrating new shocks and struts is an efficient solution to fixing issues such as harsh ride quality, nose dives, unnecessary body roll, bottoming out, and irregular tire wear. Shocks and struts are relied upon to reduce spring movement on bumpy and irregular roads to prevent the wheels and tires from moving up and down too quickly. They enhance vehicle control by keeping your tires firm in the ground for smooth acceleration, maneuvering, and braking. Struts are part of a structural suspension assembly that includes the coil spring and upper strut mount. Struts efficiently take the place of separate shocks, springs and control arms as they provide exceptional support to the weight of the vehicle. Hydraulic shocks and struts feature piston rods fastened to pistons that move up and down inside hydraulic fluid-filled cylinders. The pistons move against the cylinder walls for the hydraulic fluid to move through small fluid passages and valves that allow piston movement. The fluid isn't allowed to move quickly thanks to the smaller openings, so piston and rod movement are slowed. This would efficiently slow and reduce spring and suspension movement.

Today's shocks and struts often integrate nitrogen gas to reduce fluid aeration and shock fade. If you're looking to upgrade or replace worn down shocks and struts, there's not a more complete retailer in Canada than TDot Performance. We are entrusted by renowned aftermarket brands such as Bilstein, Rancho, Skyjacker, KYB, Belltech, and Rough Country to distribute high-quality shocks and struts along with other suspension upgrades all over Canada. Since we are a verified seller, all the products we carry are guaranteed to be 100% authentic, brand-new, and fully-sealed. Adding to that, we fully-honor all the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer.

TDot Performance promises the best deals and the lowest prices for our large selection of shocks and struts. If you're residing in Canada, there will never be a need to pay for any customs, duties or brokerage fees. What you see on our website is the only amount you need pay but if you do come across another verified dealer with a more enticing price than ours, contact us and we'll make sure to set up a way better deal. If you have any inquiries regarding shocks and struts, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at