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Suspension bushings establish the proper mounting points for suspension components in relation to other components as well as cushion driving vibration. Damaged suspension bushings often cause issues like suspension noise and steering problems. When it comes to top-quality replacement bushings, TDot Performance is the proudly Canadian retailer that offers a complete selection of suspension systems and performance parts.

Suspension bushings are vital suspension parts utilized with various components such as the control arms, strut rods, leaf springs, trailing arms, lateral links, along with the shock and sway bars of the front and rear suspensions. These bushings serve as mounting points to allow suspension parts like control arms to establish proper wheel alignment. They permit the appropriate pivoting of suspension components such as the rotation of the control arms, without generating cabin noise. These bushings also provide cushion for shock and vibration. They are made typically using rubber for flexibility as well as polyurethane and metal which eliminate deflection to establish a more responsive handling and acceleration without wheel hop. For a complete selection of suspension bushings that precisely suit your specific model and driving application, look no further than TDot Performance.

We offer high-quality suspension bushings by renowned aftermarket manufacturers such as Skyjacker, Crown Automotive, Whiteline, Rugged Ridge, and Megan Racing. All of which are guaranteed to be brand-new and properly-packaged upon purchase. TDot Performance promises the best deals and the lowest rates for the industry's most superb and durable suspension bushings. If you're residing in Canada, what you see on our website is the exact amount you pay as we won't charge you for any customs, duties or brokerage fees. As an authorized seller, we honor all the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer. If you come across another verified dealer with a better price than ours, contact us and we'll make sure to set up a way better deal. If you have any inquiries or if you need help purchasing the ideal suspension bushings, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at