The sway bar is an essential suspension component that makes certain of better vehicle handling, improved stability, and the ideal weight distribution. Also known as a stabilizer bar, the sway bar reliably connects the wheels and suspension on opposite sides of a vehicle. If you're looking for a wide selection of sway bars, TDot Performance is your go-to brand for the latest suspension systems and performance parts.


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Effectively decrease body roll when cornering your vehicle and enhance overall handling by installing new sway bars. Sway bars are engineered to suitably attach the wheels and suspension on opposite sides of the vehicle. They elevate roll stiffness, produce better weight distribution in tires, and enhance driving traction. When cornering, sway bars reliably prevent twisting while transferring compression force from the outside suspension to the inside, ensuring stability and ideal road contact from the tires. Typical sway bars feature a solid or hollow durable and rust-resistant steel bar with bends and angles, generating a somewhat elongated