Putco NeveRust Boss Locker Side Rail

Putco NeveRust Boss Locker Side Rail

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  • Putco NeveRust Boss Locker Side Rail

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Putco Boss Locker Side Rails (49896) are a 2-Piece Set of 1/2" NeveRust stainless steel rails. The Boss Locker Side Rails are available with 2.5'' tubing. These exceptional side rails are also provided with convenient loops. With the help of the loops you are able to firmly attach your cargo. Putco Boss Locker Side Rails will provide your truck with an unparalleled Boss appearance as well. The modern huge Boss Locker is suitable for all traditional Locker Side Rails applications.

If you need high grade side rails, then don't worry! Now there is a perfect solution for your problem ? Putco Boss Locker Side Rails. These enhanced side rails provide quality, functionality and style. Now you are able to tightly attach the cargo to protect it from shifting in the truck bed ? and all this is possible, thanks to the Putco Boss Locker Side Rails. The side rails are created from rust-resistant materials and you will get high quality product that will last many years. The tubes are Mirror-like polished. This adds unique shine to the truck and highlights its personality. The Putco Boss Locker Side Rails are available with durable zinc die-cast ends and chrome plating that passed the 44 hrs CASS test. This is why you receive long-term service and exceptional 500 lb. tie-down strength with the Boss Locker Side Rails. You can mount your new side rails into the stake pockets. Then, the only thing you have to do is to bolt them using the provided hardware. The installation is fast and effortless ? no drilling is required.

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