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Renault has been producing fast, reliable vehicles in motor sports for a considerable length of time, and are particularly well known for their team performances in rallying, Formula One, and Formula E. The brand has also branched out to become the biggest supplier of electric cars in the modern climate, refreshing their focus on vehicles powered by renewable fuel sources. Nonetheless, Renault’s love for adrenaline remains very much intact, and they continue to stand as one of the most popular brands among high-speed car enthusiasts around the world.

At TDot Performance, we offer a variety of products and parts that allow you to actively enhance both the appearance and capability of your Renault.

Ventilation and temperature

Keeping the engine and filtration system operating at steady temperatures can be a challenge when you’re regularly working the rev counter to maximum capacity. However, we have a number of excellent products here at TDot Performance designed to induce stability and prevent your Renault from heating up to the point where problems can arise. Our filters, cooling systems, and air intake systems are all state of the art, enabling you to roar your Renault into action without having to worry about the condition of the engine below deck.

Visibility and safety

There’s nothing more important than your safety when you’re behind the wheel, and TDot Performance has a multitude of products designed to keep you protected. These include off-road lights for driving on dark dirt roads and replacement bulbs for improved visibility. We also have a terrific range of pads, kits, and associated parts to improve your Renault’s braking system, as well as batteries that keep power levels sustained and safe.

Additional accessories

There are also a number of Renault accessories you can take advantage of here at TDot Performance. These include top-quality car covers and rigid, safety-checked roof racks.

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