Belltech Track Bar Relocators

Belltech Track Bar Relocators

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Lowered trucks and SUVs will have improved handling and make stable corner turns with all the grace of a sports car. Unfortunately, lowering can cause some misalignments due to the relocation of suspensions and other under-chassis components.

If your lowered vehicle is experiencing some vibrations in the steering wheel, wobbling when driving at high speeds, or makes some screechy, metal on metal noise. This could mean that your rig has an improper angle along the axle and driveline shaft. A few degrees of misalignment can cause excessive wear and turn on moving parts like u-joints and loosen other suspension parts.

Most of the time, a simple relocation of the track bar, which plays a crucial role in centering the axle, is all that you need. The Belltech Track Bar Relocator kit is a steel spacer bracket that will reposition the mounting point of your track bar to keep it in sync with all the lowered components. The bracket is made from high-grade materials and finished with protective material for ultimate endurance.


  • Made from High-Quality Materials
  • Gives OEM Ride Quality
  • Guaranteed Belltech Craftsmanship

Belltech has engineered many lowering innovations in suspensions that lower the ride height of sport trucks, muscle cars, large pickups, and SUVs. Since developing the drop spindle back in the 80s, Belltech has been cranking out innovative products that kept blowing the minds of low riders. Belltech became known for state of the art stock suspension replacements that not only perform better but drops a vehicle ride height.

The American vehicle customization market was never the same again.

Through the years, Belltech has consistently produced high-quality products that serve a demanding niche of racers and custom builders. The company grew from its simple roots to a large 75,000 SQM facility where Belltech assembled the finest research and development team focused on developing new products and refining existing ones.

Belltech's merger with the German company KW Suspensions - one of the top manufacturers of racing suspensions - infused more engineering innovations because of the latter's considerable experience in tuning and refinement of premium vehicles and racing cars.

Belltech now offers a complete suite of lowering, leveling, lifting, and alignment kits for almost any 4 wheeled vehicle. From classics like the Chevrolet C10 pickups and the Ford F-100 to newer models like GM Silverado and Ford F-150, Belltech has all the components you need for a successful and safe custom suspension build.


  • Made from High-Quality Materials
  • Gives OEM Ride Quality
  • Guaranteed Belltech Craftsmanship


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