Truxedo B-light Lighting Systems

Truxedo B-light Lighting Systems

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TruXedo B-Light Tonneau Lighting Systems will make sure you have enough light under your tonneau cover through the simple flip of a switch, conveniently mounted inside your cab! The systems are constructed with 8 lights, each containing 6 LED bulbs to ensure complete illumination of your truck bed. The lights mount securely under your truck's bed rail to ensure they are protected from your cargo. The installation process is quick and simple, and should not take you more than 30 minutes!

To the surprise of many, TruXedo started as a shoe repair shop in the year 1953. The business had undergone many changes, evolving initially as a tarp repair shop and then into a tarp manufacturing company. The tarp making business would finally innovate into the production of extremely durable tonneau covers for truck beds. Since 1980, TruXedo has been recognized as a premium company in the fabrication of the most efficient truck tonneau covers in the industry.

These covers also dress up different truck beds in an elegant and modernized way without sacrificing quality and functionality. The tonneau covers from TruXedo are made sturdy, smooth, tight, and incredibly long-lasting. They are incredibly easy to install and offer significantly elevated security levels for truck bed cargos against the elements and potential thievery. To suit different needs, they are established in a variety of styles.

Apart from tonneau covers, Truxedo also engineers other exceptional products which include truck bed cargo compartments, LED truck bed lights, and many more. TruXedo is housed in South Dakota, and its state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped with everything needed to produce a huge number of top-grade tonneau covers daily.


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