Vibrant Performance Race Muffler

Vibrant Performance Race Muffler

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Get your ride loaded for the tracks with a dependable muffler that improves its performance by a significant margin. The Vibrant Performance Race Mufflers are made just for that, constructed from durable high-quality material for that needed ruggedness and lightweight profile with a true straight-through perforated tube for that unrestricted exhaust flow, improving power output and fuel economy. The Vibrant Performance Race Mufflers even complies to street laws, with sound-dampening multilayered materials for a suppressed exhaust tone. Take performance and acoustics to a whole new level, with the amazing Vibrant Performance Race Mufflers!

Vibrant Performance has been around the exhaust and induction market for a while, and has done so by producing quality components and products for regulars and enthusiasts alike. Years of dedicated research and development, paired with excellent customer relations, allows Vibrant Performance to engineer top of the line exhaust components that are actually needed by clients, for prices that are competitive in the market. For a no-compromises upgrade or custom exhaust job, get Vibrant Performance components and products now.


  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel
  • With Unrestricted "True Straight Through" Perforated Internals to Avoid Performance Loss

Branching out from parent company Vibrant Power Inc., Vibrant Performance was established in 1997 to supplement and innovate products in the Sport Compact scene, which was a steadily-growing branch of the high-performance market at the time. Vibrant Performance offers multiple components under the Exhaust and Induction categories, and has developed to products that serve multiple vehicle types, like race cars, hot rods, muscle cars, sport compacts, trucks, and even motorcycles!

Vibrant Performance aims to provide quality products that make your riding experience the best there is, with the help of their dedicated engineering team, seeking to identify, innovate, and push out high-quality components at a competitive price point. Vibrant Performance also gives importance to their customers, with excellent customer relationship values and implementation, from listening to feedback, to resolving issues. Vibrant Performance also provides OEM support to other major companies, making them veterans when it comes to developing and serving well-known manufacturers with impeccable solutions. Whether if you're looking for a simple upgrade, or opting to go full-custom, Vibrant Performance has the right product for you!


  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel
  • With Unrestricted "True Straight Through" Perforated Internals to Avoid Performance Loss


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