Stoptech Street Performance Brake Friction Pads

Stoptech Street Performance Brake Friction Pads

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  • Stoptech Street Performance Brake Friction Pads

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The StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads are suitable for various driving styles. These exceptional brake pads are enough enduring for high performance driving. At the same time, the Street Performance Brake Pads provide convenience for those customers who drive their cars daily. These unparalleled brake pads are a perfect combination of excellent street brake pads with bold friction formulas. The assertive formulas are ideal for track day and autocross use. StopTech's engineers have created the Street Performance Brake Pads by utilizing special para-aramid composites. This brings linear response in a wide range of pad's temperatures. If you want superior stopping performance in a lot of different driving conditions, then StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads are surely the best option for you!

The StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads generate minimum amount of dust. This means the wheels and tires of your vehicle will remain clean. The rotor will have longer life as well. The StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads are manufactured by using 100% asbestos-free formulas, which makes them environmentally friendly and they are not dangerous for your health as well. These durable brake pads are also scorched. This removes any contaminants out of the friction material. Scorching also improves the basic cold effectiveness and provides simple bed-in.

StopTech's experts produce the Street Performance brake pads by utilizing positive molding process, which is identical to the one used by the Original Equipment suppliers. The positive molding works with severe pressure. As a result, the friction material is compressed and bonded to the backing plate. This guarantees constant friction material density during the whole pad. As long as the brake pads exist, they will feature uniform wear and performance characteristics. The StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads are available with mechanically connected shims and backing plates that may be either precision cut or shaved. And the result is a correct fitment in the caliper. The Street Performance Brake Pads significantly decrease both the noise and the vibration. The break-in process extremely speeds up, because the pads are pre-burnished. So, don't hesitate û choose the enhanced StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads and you will certainly be pleased!

Several big brake kits of StopTech have won the highly appreciated T?V approval. T?V is an esteemed German Agency. T?V presents very strict series of tests. These tests check the performance, endurance as well as the correct fitment and the installation's simplicity. But the StopTech's unparalleled brake kits have passed these exacting tests. Not all countries demand the T?V certification. However, if some products have T?V approval, this means they match the precise German standards. And this definitely proves that StopTech offers only high quality brake kits and components.

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