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Toyota Corolla is a series of subcompact and compact cars with almost 50 years of history. Toyota introduced the Corolla in 1966 and since then, this model has become one of the best-selling cars in the world. In its lifespan, the Toyota Corolla was manufactured in eleven generations. The first generation (1966–1970) featured a new 1100 cc K pushrod engine. In 1970, the second generation was launched square-edged and it was available with a new style and a more rounded body.

The third-generation (1974 – 1979) was rounder, larger and weightier in comparison with the previous models. The fourth-generation came in 1979 where it featured a square-edged design and the new A series engine. Most Corollas from the fifth-generation utilized a front-wheel-drive layout and came with a high-quality new 1839 cc 1C diesel engine. The sixth-generation (1987–1991) was available with a more rounded and aerodynamic style.

In 1991, Toyota presented the seventh generation with a completely rounded, aerodynamic shape. This version of the Corolla was even bigger and weightier. The eighth generation (1995–2000) featured evolutionary technological upgrades and a new engine with an aluminum engine block and aluminum cylinder heads. The fifth-generation started in 2000 and came with more innovative features. The tenth generation (2006 – 2012) was released with two versions: a Japanese and an international version. Similarly, the eleventh and newest generation was launched in 2012 with the Japanese model featuring slightly smaller exterior dimensions and is offered as a hybrid version as well. The international model is available with an unparalleled body and interior. Both models provide an excellent combination of attractive appearance and high performance.

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We offer body kits, custom hoods, side mirrors, and many other exterior accessories to improve the sleek appearance of this compact car. We also make certain that its insides are kept clean thanks to our cargo liners and floor mats. For better visibility on darker locations, upgrade your lighting components with our headlights, taillights, and fog lights. When you buy your Toyota Corolla Parts and Accessories from TDot Performance, you’re guaranteed a defect-free product and a fast delivery to your location in Canada. Coupled by the best prices you’ll ever find in all of Canada, look no further than TDot Performance for your vehicle's peak performance.