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In 1968, the Japanese Automobile manufacturer Toyota has introduced a new line of compact pickup trucks called "Hilux" (it is also known as "Toyota Pickup"). Through its long history Toyota Hilux was manufactured in eight generations.

The first generation (1968–1972) was based on Toyota’s N platform and came as a 2-door pickup truck. The first Hilux models featured FR layout and 4-speed manual transmission. Several engine options were provided as well. The second generation (1972–1978) came with some exterior and interior modifications. The Hilux became larger and had bigger, 7.4 ft bed. The third generation started in 1978. In this period Toyota presented a new 4WD Hilux model with durable front axle and leaf suspension.

The fourth generation (1983–1988) featured an independent front suspension and a refreshed design with Xtracab extended cab option. Various engine options were offered, including some diesel engines. The fifth generation was released in 1988. It came with longer wheelbase and optional jump-seats for rear passengers. In 1995, Toyota Pickup was discontinued in the USA – it was replaced by the Tacoma model.

The sixth generation was presented in 1997. It was equipped with 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. The seventh generation (2004–2015) was built on the Toyota IMV platform. The Hilux became larger and was classified as a mid-size pick up. The eight generation was launched in 2015. It features a new design with slim projector headlights and LED DRL. The latest Hilux model also comes with Toyota's first autonomous emergency braking (AEB). Just like all previous generations, the newest one provides an excellent combination of durability and dependability.

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