Achieve a deeper exhaust tone by installing a new Flowmaster Muffler. Flowmaster Mufflers are globally renowned for creating that deep patented Flowmaster sound which comes in a variety of tones depending on the particular muffler series you select.


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The Flowmaster Muffler is engineered to generate a rich and powerful sound that matches your vehicle’s elevated performance level. Integrating the inimitable Flowmaster Muffler Sound results in a smooth, race-inspired, and consistent tune that will set your ride apart from bland vehicles that utilize stock. Flowmaster offers their excellent mufflers in a huge selection of performance exhaust tones. From mild to moderate to incredibly aggressive, the ideal muffler series would depend on your driving style and personal tastes. Whether you’re looking for a more silent drive quality or a dominant growl that turns your vehicle into the center of attention, Flowmaster guarantees a precisely designed muffler for your specific needs. To further improve sound reduction and minimize interior resonance, Flowmaster Resonators are also available to be used in conjunction with these performance mufflers.


Outlaw Series Mufflers

Designed for demanding race applications that require a muffler but without a set decibel limit, the Flowmaster Outlaw Mufflers produce an unbeatable and deep exhaust tone. This muffler connects directly to the header collector or into an existing exhaust system. It features a round case design for easy integration to applications where space is limited. With a heavy-duty aluminized or stainless steel structure, the Flowmaster Outlaw Muffler is built to withstand rigorous on and off-road driving conditions.

Super 10 Series Mufflers

The Flowmaster Super 10 Series Mufflers produce an explosive exhaust tone that’s perfect for intense racing and off-road applications. With the patented Delta Flow Technology, these mufflers maximize exhaust scavenging for optimum performance. Made using MIG welded stainless steel, the Super 10 by Flowmaster comes in an incredibly compact size so space won’t be an issue.

Super 44 Series Mufflers

The Flowmaster Super 44 Series Mufflers are regarded as the most aggressive street mufflers in the company’s collection. Featuring a two-chamber design and the patented Delta-Flow Technology, these mufflers produce optimum flow control for an incredibly deep tone heard inside and out coupled by elevated power and torque levels. The Super 44 integrates a compact design and robust stainless steel construction. Let the opposition know you’re not one to be trifled with by incorporating the dominant sound of the Flowmaster Super 44.

40 Series Delta Flow Mufflers

For performance enthusiasts looking for an outstanding exterior tone that’s coupled by quiet interiors, the Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Flow is an excellent choice. Incorporating a two-chamber design and the exclusive Delta Flow Technology, engine scavenging is significantly improved while interior resonance is decreased. For unbeatable resilience, the Flowmaster 40 Delta is MIG welded and constructed using either aluminized or stainless steel.

Super 40 Series Mufflers

Engineered for high performance vehicles on the strip or street, the Flowmaster Super 40 Series replaces exhaust noise with an all out aggressive tone. With the integrated Delta Flow Technology, these mufflers keep the sound mostly on the outside of your vehicle. The sound produced by the Flowmaster Super 40 resembles that of the Flowmaster 40 Delta Flow Mufflers but with a deeper and more hard-hitting exterior tone. Built using either aluminized or stainless steel and fully MIG Welded, these mufflers certify superior resilience and longevity.

80 Series Mufflers

The Flowmaster 80 Series Crossflow is fabricated for vehicles that require a muffler to be mounted sideways behind the rear axle. With either single or dual outlets, the 80 Series generates a powerful muscle car sound without holding back on interior resonance so drivers can hear the power of their engine. Available in either stainless or aluminized steel, this Flowmaster Muffler increases power and torque at the pedal while providing excellent ground clearance.

50 Series HD Heavy Duty Mufflers

Manufactured specifically for late model trucks utilized in rigorous working applications, the Flowmaster 50 Series HD Mufflers are as tough as they come. The 50 Series HD ensures your truck isn’t held back as it generates a throaty exterior tone with reduced interior resonance. With a large casing that features a three-chamber design, these mufflers elevate horsepower and torque as well as towing power acceleration. The Flowmaster 50 Series HD has a top-quality 16-gauge aluminized steel blueprint for a durable and long-lasting quality.

50 Series Delta Flow Mufflers

The Flowmaster 50 Series Delta Flow Muffler generates a mild exterior tone and very minimal interior resonance. Engineered for passenger and everyday vehicles, this muffler incorporates a three-chamber ”H” design that maximizes exhaust gas scavenging for improved power, torque, and fuel mileage. The Flowmaster 50 Series Delta Flow is available with either an aluminized or stainless steel construction.

Super 50 Series Mufflers

The Flowmaster Super 50 Series Muffler is specifically designed for the powerful engines of today’s SUV and truck models. Ideal for daily driving, these mufflers sound exceptional but you’ll never have to worry about excessive noise. Featuring a large tuning chamber, the Super 50 Mufflers ensure smooth exhaust flow for boosted power and torque levels while keeping the interior cab, nice and quiet. As what you’d expect from a Flowmaster Muffler, the Super 50 is built to last as it incorporates a fully MIG-welded aluminized steel construction.

70 Series Mufflers

When it comes to maximizing the flow volume of large trucks, SUVs, and other towing vehicles, the Flowmaster 70 Series Mufflers are an ideal upgrade. With the patented Delta-Flow Technology, these mufflers improve exhaust scavenging while generating a throaty exhaust tone that’s at a mild level volume.


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