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Pro Comp has been operating since 1998 and in this time, the company has developed an excellent reputation for offering high quality tires at a reasonable price. The firm has remained at the cutting edge of tire technology and is considered one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Pro Comp offer reliable tires for all terrains

The Pro Comp tires range is ideal for all-terrain and mud-terrain drivers looking to push their vehicle to extreme limits. Knowing that your tires have been created with the toughest and most gruelling conditions in mind should offer tremendous peace of mind to all drivers and off-roaders.

A wide range of tire sizes is available

The Pro Comp range is available for a wide range of tire sizes, so no matter the size of the vehicle or the tires required, there will be a Pro Comp offering that is right for you. With a range of terrain-focused tires, drivers can be ready for anything or be fully prepared for a particular type of surface and terrain.

Choose the tires utilising innovative technology

The company has been a driving force behind improving technology in off-road tires. Many of the Pro Comp products are known for their tri-ply sidewall construction that provides an improved level of resistance to punctures and abrasion.

Get a grip with innovative tire styles

Anyone looking for increased grip will find that the X pattern utilised on the sidewall of many Pro Comp tires offers the added peace of mind that is required to drive confidently in all conditions and terrains.

Stay in control no matter the conditions

If you are driving on sand, dirt or wet surfaces, Pro Comp tires are the dependable option that will ensure your vehicle is under your control for the entire ride. For the finest range of Pro Comp tires, be sure to contact TDot Performance.