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The UnderCover Classic, SE, and SE Smooth are all one-piece covers that are designed using ABS composite material for optimal strength and durability. However, despite, their strength, these UnderCover tonneau covers are also extremely lightweight and can easily be lifted and installed by one or two people. All UnderCover tonneau covers are weather tight and lockable, ensuring that your cargo is never compromised. Each one-piece tonneau cover can be mounted to a wall when not in use. Installation of UnderCover tonneau covers is also a breeze as it requires no drilling.

The UnderCover SE Smooth and LUX editions offer a few special features over their standard Classic and SE counterparts. The UnderCover SE Smooth has all the same functionality of the UnderCover SE but with a specially coated surface that allow you to paint over it. The LUX is UnderCover's highest quality one-piece tonneau covers, coming with a factory painted finish, low profile design, and built-in lighting system for easy use at night.

Aside from one-piece tonneau covers, UnderCover also manufactures the Flex. This is the company's premier folding tonneau cover. Like its one-piece cousins, the UnderCover Flex also offers outstanding durability, security, and weather resistance. However, it can also be folded, allowing easy access to the cargo. And because you don't need to remove the entire tonneau cover to access your truck bed, you save on storage space in your garage!


TDot Performance carries all UnderCover tonneau covers at the lowest prices in Canada. Because we are an authorized UnderCover retailer, you will be covered by the full manufacturer's warranty when you purchase from us. Our customers enjoy free shipping on all UnderCover orders while paying customs, duties, or border fees.