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FIAT 500

The history of Fiat 500 has begun almost 60 years ago, when the famous Italian Automobile manufacturer Fiat started producing a new line of small, cheap and very practical cars. These cars were named "500" and have become the first city cars. Fiat 500 models featured rear-engine, rear-wheel drive layout and 72.4 in wheelbase. The 500 vehicles also came with a 4-speed manual transmission and three types of engines: 479 cc I2, 499 cc I2, and 594 cc I2 engine.

The first Fiat 500 model was introduced in 1957. It was called "Nuova" and featured a small engine that was able to generate 13 horsepower only. Three years later, the Nuova model was replaced by the new "Fiat 500 D". It was provided with a bigger engine and a new roof design. The longest running model was the 500 Giardiniera (also known as "500 K") – it was manufactured from 1960 to 1975. A van version named "500 Furgoncino" was offered as well. Other available models were: 500 F or Berlina (1965–1973), 500 L or Lusso (1968–1972), and 500 R or Rinnovata (1972–1975).

In 1975, Fiat 500 was discontinued. However, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 500 model, Fiat launched a new 500 version in 2007. This is a four-passenger city car that was built on the Fiat Mini platform. The latest 500 model features front-engine, front-wheel drive layout and is offered in two body styles: 3-door hatchback and 2-door cabriolet. In comparison with the old models, this generation comes with longer wheelbase (90.6 in). A variety of safety features (such as airbags and ABS brakes) are provided as well.

During its long history, Fiat 500 has enjoyed high popularity and has won several awards, including CAR Magazine’s Car of the Year 2007 Award and European Car of the Year 2008 Award. If you're looking to add style and class to your car, there's no place quite like TDot Performance. We carry only the very best Fiat 500 Parts and Accessories to enhance your car's look and performance. Not only that, we guarantee the lowest prices. Top quality at an affordable price: TDot Performance.


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FIAT 500