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Lauded as the biggest automotive manufacturer in South Korea, Hyundai Motors engineers luxury sports cars and SUVs to set you apart from the rest. With the latest in driving technology integrated, Hyundai Vehicles look exceptional and are outstandingly efficient. Included in the company’s line-up are the awesome Veloster, the dynamic Kona SUV, the sleek Accent, and the sporty Santa Fe. Established in 1967, Hyundai carries more than five decades of engineering excellence, certifying vehicles that are easy-to-handle, robust and, long-lasting. If the goal is to optimize the Hyundai’s functionality and unlock its full potential then progressive automotive aftermarket upgrades are certain to take your driving experience to a whole new level.

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For a full selection of Hyundai Parts and Accessories, TDot Performance is the most reputable brand for the modern driver. Custom hoods, bike racks, spoilers, and wind deflectors can enhance the performance of your vehicle while adding functionality and a touch of style to your drive. To give your engine unrestricted airflow, we highly recommend installing a high-quality aftermarket air filter or air intake system. To obtain an outstanding boost in power and performance, we have cooling systems, exhaust systems, ignition systems, fuel systems, performance chips, turbochargers, and suspension systems to take the place of factory variants. Brake pads, brake rotors, and brake kits are also available for a better and more precise stoppage power. TDot Performance enhances your Hyundai’s look and functionality with their large collection of exterior accessories such as bike racks, spare tire carriers, and trailer hitches. We also have interior accessories like floor mats, custom gauges, and cargo liners to emphasize a cleaner vehicle inside. High-quality headlights, fog lights and, lighting solutions are also available to improve driving visibility and safety at night. What’s more, TDot Performance also carries caliper covers to further expand the Hyundai’s overall style.

TDot Performance is an authorized dealer of international automotive aftermarket components manufacturers like Holley, Magnaflow, Tein, Stoptech, Thule, and Covercraft. When you buy your Hyundai Parts from us, you’re guaranteed the best prices in all of Canada. What’s more, all these upgrades are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.


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