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Engineered using the latest in driving technology and superb craftsmanship, Maserati luxury cars and SUVs look inimitably awesome and are incredibly powerful. These Italian manufactured vehicles feature a progressive design that places emphasis on easy handling, a long-lasting lifespan, and a superb driving experience. The company’s wide range of great looking rides includes the unrelenting Gran Turismo, the refined Ghibli, and the timeless Mistral among others. Regardless if it’s a huge car show or the most difficult race tracks, the Maserati’s cutting-edge design is certain to set the bar. When you’re aiming to maximize Maserati’s functionality, the latest and most innovative automotive aftermarket upgrades are certain to take your driving experience to a whole new level.

For a complete selection of Maserati Parts and Accessories, TDot Performance is the most reputable brand of the modern driver. To bestow unrestricted airflow to your engine, we recommend integrating one of our superior aftermarket air filters or air intake systems. If you’re looking to improve engine power and performance, we have resilient and progressive exhaust systems, cooling systems, fuel systems, ignition systems, performance chips, and suspension systems. Brake pads, brake rotors, and brake kits are also available to give your Maserati better stoppage power. TDot Performance has a huge selection of exterior accessories such as roof racks and wiper blades to enhance your Maserati’s functionality, security levels, and aesthetics. We also have interior accessories like floor mats, car covers, sunshades seat covers, and cargo liners to promote a cleaner vehicle inside. High-quality replacement bulbs and lights are available to improve driving visibility and illumination for a safer drive on any road condition. Furthermore, TDot Performance also has caliper covers for the Maserati to further expand its overall style.

TDot Performance is an authorized seller of globally renowned designers and manufacturers of aftermarket components such as Flowmaster, K&N, Mr. Gasket, PIAA, and Covercroft. When you buy your Maserati Parts from TDot Performance, you’re certified the best prices in all of Canada. To top it off, all these upgrades include the original manufacturer’s warranty.


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