If you're looking to significantly elevate your ride's horsepower levels then turbochargers and superchargers are definitely fundamental upgrades to install. Turbochargers are essential especially if you're looking to conquer the most competitive races and the toughest challenges. At TDot Performance, we offer a broad selection of turbochargers, superchargers, and other high-quality performance parts to make certain your ride's power and drivability are optimized.


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Turbochargers and superchargers are an outstanding means of significantly enhancing your vehicle's power and performance. Since a naturally aspirated engine is limited in terms of how much air can be forced into the atmospheric pressure, using forced induction systems in the form of super and turbochargers are an exceptional means of improving airflow, power, and efficiency while maintaining reliable drivability. A typical turbocharger is designed with a turbine wheel and a compressor wheel which rotate on a common shaft in an aluminum housing. The turbine wheel is plumbed into the exhaust system with exhaust flow spinning the turbine blades to effectively drive the compressor wheel. The compressor section of the turbo which is part of the air intake system where air moves through the air filter and intake tube is compacted by the compressor wheel and pushed into the intake manifold.

Superchargers integrate two multi-lobed gear-driven rotors that are closely meshed inside an aluminum case on top of the engine. A shaft integrated into one of the gears is driven by the engine through the use of pulleys and a serpentine belt. Air moves through the air filter, intake tube, and throttle body into the supercharger, before being compressed by the spinning rotor blades and pushed into the intake manifold. For a complete selection of application-specific bolt-on superchargers and turbochargers, TDot Performance certifies a precise and reliable solution for the most popular vehicle and engine models. The turbochargers and superchargers in our collection are all guaranteed to be 100% authentic, fully-sealed, and covered by all the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer.

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