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Magnaflow has been in business for over 30 years, working hard to establish the industry-leading reputation it holds today. Regarded by many as the stars of producing aftermarket exhaust systems, the company takes into account different exhaust needs, manufacturing everything from direct-fit converters and cat-back systems to universal mufflers and builder's kits for custom fabrication projects. Whether your drive a Ford, a chevy, or a Jeep, Magnaflow's large number of exhaust systems, mufflers, resonators, catalytic converters, and other exhaust products are guaranteed to produce a precise fit and optimize engine performance. TDot Performance is proud to carry all the new and innovative Magnaflow products and accessories at the lowest prices in Canada. The price you see on our site is the exact price you pay. Our customers pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees .

Magnaflow has been setting standards for exhaust components for over three decades. Popular items include Magnaflow Catalytic Converters, Magnaflow Resonators, Magnaflow Exhaust Tips and Magnaflow Cat Back exhaust systems. For everything Magnaflow, view the complete details and best prices at TDot Performance. Our online shop is the modern car enthusiast and race aficionado's most selected retailer when it comes to new and innovative Magnaflow products, accessories, and packages with the lowest prices in all of Canada. We are an authorized online shop of Magnaflow so you can rest assured all the mufflers, exhaust systems, and other exhaust products we carry are 100% authentic and brand new. For drivers residing in Canada, when you purchase your exhaust parts, accessories, and packages from us, we guarantee there won't be a need to pay for shipping, customs, duties, or border fees. What's more, your package will be quickly delivered to your doorsteps within three to five working days.


Regarded by many as the complete package when it comes to optimized vehicle exhaust systems, Magnaflow is committed to providing you with the highest quality products. The famed Magnaflow sound is recognized throughout the automotive world for its quality. However, don't just take our word for it. Magnaflow's quality has been recognized by many groups in the automotive industry including the International Organization for Standardization, which has bestowed them with ISO-9001 certification. With an extensive number of years in the business, extensive research, and field testing, MagnaFlow develops exhaust parts and components to enhance any vehicle's engine performance and generate a new awesome sound. Still not satisfied? Magnaflow offers a lifetime warranty on all their products and packages!

Magnaflow has access to several in-ground dynometers, a flow bench, and sound testing equipment to ensure that all its exhaust systems and exhaust packages go through the most rigorous testing possible. As a result, Magnaflow exhausts are lauded by a huge number of custom builders and race drivers as producing the smoothest and deepest tones on the market along with the most significant power gains.


  • Smooth, Deep Tone
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Fully Polished Mufflers
  • Dyno Proven
  • Lifetime Warranty

TDot Performance is proud to offer a complete exhaust system package that provides you with exceptional sound, power, and performance for your car. Regardless of whether you drive a Ford or a Jeep, precision and optimized engine efficiency are emphasized advanced technologies such as the latest CAD software. The cat-back exhaust systems from Magnaflow are the perfect upgrade you can give to your vehicle. At TDot Performance, you can have easy access to a large number of new and well-regarded durable exhaust systems, including the popular Magnaflow Cat Back exhaust systems.


  • Smooth, Deep Tone
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Bi-Directional Design
  • Stainless steel mesh provides durability under extreme heat
  • Large diameter, perforated core eliminates flow restrictions
  • Welded and lap-jointed contacts avoid distortion and cracking at joints

TDot Performance is honored to have the newest and best Magnaflow performance mufflers in Canada. Featuring advanced CAD technology and cutting-edge details, Magnaflow mufflers bring forth a bolder new tone that appropriately complements a powerful engine. Regarded as the stars in Magnaflow's catalog, these Mufflers come in many configurations and are meticulously welded for an extremely durable construction coupled with tough reliability. The loudest Magnaflow mufflers are available for purchase at TDot Performance.


Apart from bestowing optimal driving performance, Magnaflow takes into account the safety of our environment through the production of top-quality catalytic converters. These catalytic converters significantly reduce the level of toxic gases and pollutants in the exhaust gases. Magnaflow catalytic converters come in a number of diameter inlets and outlets to suit your vehicle's specific exhaust system. From centered, offset, or angled converters, Magnaflow catalytic converters feature premium-grade materials and proper emissions compliance. Magnaflow exhaust parts and accessories also promote a more stylish and aesthetically pleasing look through their aggressive exhaust tips. What's more, our online shop also offers a broad number of essential mounting hardware and accessories to certify a hassle-free installation.


For drivers residing in Canada, select TDot Performance for a complete collection of the automotive industry's best upgrades and packages. As a progressive company, our shops take into account all the different needs of different driving personalities. From precisely CAD-designed exhaust systems with a dual rear exit to robust bike carriers and canoe carriers to aftermarket wheels and wheel covers, our shop carries all the newest vehicle parts and packages. TDot Performance is Canada's most trusted authorized retailer of Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhausts, mufflers, catalytic converters, as well as a whole range of other Magnaflow products which you can find in Magnaflow's catalog. As a result, you will receive the complete manufacturer's warranty when you order your exhaust systems and packages from us. What's more, our shop lets customers enjoy free package shipping on Magnaflow exhaust systems, mufflers, and other performance products without having to pay any customs, duties, or border fees. Packages arrive directly to your location in Canada in just three to five working days after orders are made thanks to our five-stars shipment system. On top of that, we always guarantee the lowest prices on all Magnaflow Canada products and packages! No other authorized shop comes close to our superb deals and excellent prices.

Shopping for the proper Magnaflow exhaust systems and mufflers is an effortless endeavor thanks to our shop's easy-to-navigate website. Simply enter your vehicle make and model before searching for the specific vehicle part you need and our shop's website will appropriately filter the selection. You also have the option of filtering vehicle products by brand. Learn more about the vehicle product before purchasing them! Our site has posted complete product details for each Magnaflow muffler and exhaust system so customers can view and find the right ones for their vehicle. We offer a five-stars customer service that's more than happy to help you shop and find the proper exhaust package for your Ford, Jeep, Chevy, or any other vehicle model.

If you have any inquiries regarding Magnaflow mufflers, exhaust systems, or any other upgrades, or if you can't find what you are looking for on our website, please feel free to contact us. Chances are that we carry the product in our warehouse!